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Le Boreal cruise arrives at Puerto Quetzal
Le Boreal Cruise Arrives At Puerto Quetzal

Le Boreal cruise arrives at Puerto Quetzal

San José, April 6, 2018. At dawn, the French cruise ship Le Boreal arrived to Puerto Quetzal, coming from Puerto San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

The 247 passengers and 147 crew boarded buses to visit several places, such as La Antigua and Atitlán, to return in the afternoon and continuing their journey to Mexico.

The docking and departure port services planning were in charge of EPQ, which guarantees passengers and crew a secure stay in Guatemala.

Le Boreal is one of the most luxurious cruises that has visited Puerto Quetzal. Among its features are luxury suites with spacious bathrooms and ocean views. Most cabins have a balcony so guests can watch the sea from the comfort offered by the ship. Passengers can enjoy a room with television, DVD, telephone and mini bar, among others.

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